Logotipo de Feria83
Logotipo de Feria83
The Feria83 Team

Our Family

Feria 83 is free. We've reinvented ourselves thanks to the strength of our team, not only to offer natural and organic products in a pleasant environment, but to go even further. We wanted to offer fresh and natural dishes, cooked with patience and care in our own kitchen. We wanted to be able to explain to our customers firsthand all the ingredients in our dishes. Dishes without additives or processing, all made in the same place where our products can be consumed.

That's the only way we understand our work. For the Feria 83 team, cooking and coffee are more than just a job; it's our passion. That's why we feel immensely happy when we transmit that enthusiasm for healthy food and good products, offering a place where we make our customers feel at home.

Better together, Feria 83's motto

Our Way of Being

Our enthusiasm was the spark, but at Feria 83, we didn't want to stop there. We wanted the professionalism of our employees to make the experience different. Carlos, our Chef, has worked in the best brunch restaurants in London. Every member of our team is a great coffee and different breakfast enthusiast. We all have great experience in the best places in our Seville.

To make Feria 83 an exceptional place, we have 3 supports, as if it were a tripod. The first one you already know if you have visited us: the great team that works in our place, making it a welcoming place.

The second fundamental support is the raw material. We carry out a thorough analysis of our suppliers, always local, and look for the same values that make us different, buying from small businesses in the Feria Street market, relying on those entrepreneurs who have made their work into an art, because that affection, delicacy, and enthusiasm that characterize Feria 83 must come from the raw material.

The tripod would collapse if it weren't for our customers, the third and most important support. You are the gears that make everything make sense. Exceptional customers who have unconditionally supported us from day one. You, who have valued all our effort and help us improve, coming to enjoy with us every day. You make this unique corner every day, and you will always find your home here.

Inside the Feria 83 brunch

Our Proposal

Our menu has traveled to the most different places in the world to land in Seville. At Feria 83, you can try unique eggs Benedict, delicious American-style waffles filled with Italian products, a pulled pork sandwich with Spanish pork, or toast with Seville oranges, among other dishes. The variety of the menu makes it possible for our customers to enjoy from breakfast to dinner, with both savory and sweet options suitable for vegans and celiacs. The best part? All our proposals are homemade, fresh, and natural.

Coffee, essential in our place, is 100% Arabica, intense and with sweet connotations. It is ideal to enjoy with milk or on its own. You won't find the same coffee anywhere else in the city, and we have selected it exclusively to offer a coffee of the highest quality but with low acidity, so that all our customers can enjoy it with the dish they desire the most.

Stuffed pumpkin with couscous
Veggie burger
Pulled pork sandwich
Mixed pancakes
Açaí Bowl
Carrot cake