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Giving an experience instead of something material makes us much happier.

We could list many studies that confirm the headline, but you probably already know from your own experience: when we receive an experience as a gift, it makes us happier than a material gift. That's why at Feria83, we offer two gift cards so you can give someone a unique experience.

Feria83 Gift Cards
Brunch 83 Gift Card

Brunch 83

Brunch 83 is our proposal for a different plan when you need it the most. It doesn't matter if it's for a special occasion or to unwind after a long week. In this wonderful brunch, we offer:

1st A dish per person of your choice from our menu. Try the "Better Together Eggs" or go for the "Avocado Cornetto" if you're a guacamole lover.

2nd A drink per person. Choose one of our delicious specialty coffees, natural juices of various flavors (mango, orange, apple, pear, spinach, and kiwi...), or whatever drink you crave at the moment.

To get your recipient excited about the gift and create a beautiful memory, this voucher includes a delicate gift card for the brunch where you can also write a few words. You can do it before coming to explain what you'll do, afterward to remember it, or whenever you feel like it!

Experience Brunch Gift Card

Experience Brunch

Our most complete option turns a brunch into an unforgettable experience. Let the menu speak for itself.

1st Feria Lovers (Buckwheat bread slices, organic scrambled eggs, Guijuelo D.O. ham, avocado, and turkey. Yogurt with cereals, fresh fruit, homemade croissants, butter, and homemade jam.)

2nd Homemade Pancakes: Our secret recipe made with the best organic eggs and city flours, bathed in authentic Nutella.

Any variety of coffee: From classic options like cappuccino or cortado to more exotic choices like Blue Latte or Golden Latte.

Mimosas: Natural cocktails prepared on the spot with a delightful orange flavor and fizz, both, of course, from our city.

This card not only includes the menu to make your recipient's mouth water but also provides space for you to write. If you like, our staff can take a polaroid picture that you can attach to the card as a keepsake. Are you up for it?

Feria83 Brunch Interior

Get Your Gift Card:

If you're interested in buying one of our gift cards, you can do so in our location, by emailing us, or by calling us.

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